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Create a class to consume soap web service

There is an example of class to show you how to write code to consume a SOAP based web service.

In the code below a demo of how to instanciate this class and call the RequestSW method :



Coding Standards for Drupal, Symfony and Twig

Twig : Symfony : Drupal : Configuring drupal with netbeans :


How to truncate String by Words

If you simply want to truncate text to a certain number of words, because you do not want a word will be cut, the code below will do the trick:



Add param in URL

In the function below, I will show you how to add a parameter in URL by treating all possible cases : first check whether the parameter is already defined in the URL so that we can just update it if parameter is already defined in the URL, so replace the parameter value, rather than append […]