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Remove the “grippie” div from textarea

To delete the following div which appears below your texterea

You should add the code below in the form_alter hook


Useful Linux Commands

To decompress a file with .tar.gz extension use the command line below :

Phpmyadmin, it is pretty, it is practical but compared to the use of mysql command line via ssh for example on your dedicated server, it has nothing to do when you start a process large databases sql several mega. Indeed to […]


How to display image using a specific image style

Below is an example of how to use the “theme_image_style ($ variables)” function to get the HTML code of an image on which a specific style is applied:

This gives us the following result:



How to use the “getDefaultOptions” to initialize a form field value

In this article I will show you how to create a form by setting a field on a passed value from controller using the getDefaultOptions function :

Now in the controller we can create the form with a default value for the option “userType” that allow us to define the value of the  : […]


How to add no mapped field in form

If you wish the field to be ignored when reading or writing to the object, you can set the property_path option to false.

NB : Since 2.1, the mapped option has been added for this use-case.